Friday, December 31, 2010

Sign me up...

I’ve spent the last nine months experiencing every aspect of health care in America - searching for the right providers and diagnosis through both traditional and oriental medicine; spending quality time as a hospital inpatient; and attempting to find suitable insurance, at any cost, to replace Cobra that has run its course.  Yes, the system is not only unequivocally broke, but quite heated, bringing out the worst behavior from nearly everyone. 

To not acknowledge that the most advanced country in the world is so woefully behind in the execution of health care is simply burying our heads in the sand.  I applaud the Obama administration for stepping into the health care debacle, calling it what it is, and fighting a good fight to do something.  I’m not typically a “cause” person, but I am ready to do what I can to help tackle this complex and growing problem we all need to own.  Sign me up.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Heard from a long-time friend and colleague today about starting anew – new place to live, new job, new lease on life.  What makes this news so special is that this isn’t someone who has always had everything just fall into place, just go her way.  In fact, I’ve seen her knocked down on a few occasions only to come back stronger every time.   She could write the book on resiliency and I hope someday, she does. 

But something else happened with each bout of adversity:  her faith became stronger and her relationship with the one above blossomed.  When you have faith, you have hope.  And when you have hope, you persevere.  And with perseverance you not only land on your feet, but sometimes, on the mountaintop.  You go girlfriend!