Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dancing with the data...

As Bristol marches on, propelled by the ground swell of public support, you have to wonder….who’s voting on Dancing with the Stars?  Some are convinced it’s the Tea Party.  Bristol believes it might be everyday Joes who just want to see the Hollywood outsider succeed.  I say, let the data speak.

Some simple data analytics might yield yet another revenue stream for ABC and AT&T.  From where are the record number of calls originating?  Are the same callers phoning in week after week?  And what are the average calls per number for Bristol versus others?  Taking it one step further, can external data sources such Claritas or Acxiom be married against the database to profile callers more specifically?  And the big question…how much is the Tea Party willing to pay to get their hands on this unexpected show of support – if that proves to be true?  Oh, the power of data when transformed into insight.

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