Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hash House a Go Go...

We stumbled across Hash House a Go Go, Las Vegas during a family trip in 2008, just looking for a place to have breakfast before driving to our vacation home in Utah.   Two and half years later, we’re still talking about the place.  Bought the hats and t-shirts too.  What HHAGG knows is that anyone can make breakfast - for that matter, lunch and dinner.  But how many restaurants turn breakfast into an experience and sell merchandise to boot? 

As the mother of three teenage boys, I’ve become accustomed to watching food being inhaled versus eaten.  But they met their match at HHAGG.  It was sheer entertainment and to this day, we still talk about the experience.  Some may say it’s wasteful or even unhealthy.  I say it’s a brilliant  twist on an otherwise ho hum meal.  And you just can’t buy that kind of word of mouth.   Innovative, insightful, and certainly filling. 

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