Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why I Bought the Kindle...

I spent a few hours trying to decide whether to buy a Kindle or an iPad.  I chose the Kindle.  For starters, it was only a third of the cost and better tested after a couple years on the market.  Second, it boldly told me how many books I could download (3,500, or more than I believe I’ll need for the rest of my life on earth) without having to do the gigabytes to books math.  I searched exhaustively, but could find little information on the Apple website about how much could be stored on a 16GB iPad – after all the bells and whistles consume their share.  And last, all I really want to do is download and read books.  

As technology becomes more consumer friendly, and less tech savvy users emerge, manufacturers should consider re-thinking how they spell out “tech specs”.  Here’s some insight…I really prefer my specs in simple layman’s terms.  I don’t know how much a gigabyte stores.  And RAM speeds mean nothing to me.  But I can relate to 3,500 books and numbers of seconds or even half seconds to load.  Try testing those tech specs on consumers before publishing.  You just might convert a few more browsers into buyers.

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