Monday, November 29, 2010

Talbots rocks...

I’ve always received great service from Talbots, but today, they rocked.  Forgot to enter my promotion code last night and when I inquired about it through online chat today, they simply made the adjustment to my bill.  Quick and painless. 

Speaking of online chat, I really don’t care for sites that pop up a window and ask if I need help while I’m browsing.  A little too voyeuristic for my taste.  But Talbots uses online chat in a user friendly, productive way.  It’s right there on the contact page which makes sense as that’s when I’m most apt to use it – when I want to contact the vendor, not the other way around.  But why should I be surprised?  Just click here to see the Talbots motto to service.    

The online chat process was easily understood including a “countdown queue” to let me know how many minutes I would be waiting (about 3).  Simple and effective.  Talbots also lays out every other way to contact them (email, phone and fax) but by putting online chat first, I’m sure they are converting many customers to this streamlined approach.  Good for them.  Good for us.

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